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The apartment for rent Verona Easy Flat for your vacation in Verona

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 Categoria: blog

The apartment for rent Verona Easy Flat for your vacation in Verona

Short term rentals: Verona Easy Flat apartment

If you are looking for a short term rental apartment in Verona, you should definitely experience the comforts of our Verona Easy Flat!
Located right in the center of “the city of love”, near another apartment Verona Easy Apartments - Verona Tiny Loft -, this beautiful two-room apartment is composed of:

  • a double bedroom
  • a single room
  • an equipped kitchen
  • a bathroom with a washing machine

Furthermore, in Verona Easy Flat you will find a small terrace where you can enjoy the warm spring sun.
Also included in the comfort of the apartment is television, air conditioning and, of course, wifi.
And, if you don't feel like leaving them at home, your pets will be welcome in the Verona Easy Flat!

The monuments to visit near the Verona Easy Flat

Thanks to its central location, those staying at Verona Easy Flat can easily reach the major attractions of the city, such as the famous Porta dei Leoni, in a few minutes!
Located right at the end of Via Cappello, this ancient gate was considered one of the entry points to the city of Verona.
Still in good condition - despite the incessant passage of time - Porta dei Leoni, whose origins date back to the Roman period, takes its name from a particular Roman tomb found in the nearby alleys and which had the image of two lions lying down one next to the other.
It is possible to notice just these two lions behind the monument built in memory of the King of Italy Umberto I.
Thanks to a meticulous activity of recovery and enhancement of the building, today we can see the base of one of the two defensive towers, some fragments of the pavement of the inner courtyard and a part of the side wall.

Another historic building located just a few steps from our two-room apartment for rent is the famous Casa di Giulietta, one of the two protagonists of Shakespeare's famous tragedy: “Romeo and Juliet”.
This ancient tower house of medieval origin dates back to 1200 and is also located in Via Cappello.
Before entering the courtyard of the House, it is necessary to cross a particular Gothic front porch whose walls were filled with images of hearts and dedications of love by couples of lovers!
As soon as you reach the courtyard of Juliet's House, you can immediately see the bronze statue depicting Juliet in her adolescent age, made by the sculptor Nereo Costantini in 1972.
And it is customary, as luck would have it, to be photographed with a hand resting on Juliet's right breast!

Great emotion - then - arouses the famous balcony, where Romeo and Juliet met in secret!
Inside Juliet's House - which attracts around two million tourists every year - there are numerous rooms to visit with beautiful paintings from the nineteenth-century period and period furniture: in short, a must-see stop!

Where to eat in Verona?

Would you like some advice on places to enjoy the culinary delights of Verona near our Verona Easy Flat?

The first that comes to mind is definitely the Trattoria Polpa Burger, located in Via San Cosimo!
Characterized by an atmosphere that evokes the past but with an extremely modern menu, in this trattoria you can enjoy delicious burgers accompanied by Italian draft beers!
Furthermore, the meatballs of Trattoria Polpa Burger are really fresh because they are prepared at the time of ordering and the bread is fresh and crunchy just like the Italian tradition.

The second place we would like to recommend - instead - is a typically Venetian restaurant, an integral part of the history of Verona: "Al Bracere".
Al Bracere is located in Via Adigetto - a few minutes from Verona Easy Flat - where, in the Middle Ages, passed the defensive canal that crossed a small church, called Madonnina di Santa Croce (or Santa Maria di Acquatraversa).
After World War II, this small church (where there was a brazier for cooking Venetian meat) was used for various catering activities and, to date, is managed by the owner Enrico, who has renovated the interiors with taste and elegance, transforming it in a restaurant renowned for its traditional Veronese dishes, such as the "tortellini di valeggio" and the "risotto all'amarone".
For pizza lovers - instead - Al Bracere gives the possibility to choose between the different types of dough in the menu, such as kamut, five-grain or wholegrain!

Verona Easy Flat: the home for rent for your fantastic holiday in Verona

Planning a weekend in Verona has never been easier!
The Verona Easy Flat is the apartment for rent ready to welcome you with all its comforts to make you live a relaxing stay in the heart of one of the most suggestive cities in Italy!
Check immediately the availability of our beautiful apartment and don't miss the opportunity to spend pleasant moments offered by Verona Easy Apartments!

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