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The apartments for rent at the Verona Legend Cars 2019

Tuesday, 07 May 2019 Categoria: blog

The apartments for rent at the Verona Legend Cars 2019

Verona Legend Cars at the Fiera di Verona

Verona Easy Apartments for rent, located in the center of the beautiful city of Verona, are ready to welcome you at Verona Legend Cars!
On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May - in fact - at the Fiera di Verona the new edition of the unmissable Verona Legend Cars will take place: the spring appointment with 1350 vintage cars, car enthusiasts and specialists.

Verona Legend Cars: the traditional exhibition that celebrates the history of automotive culture

Verona Legend Cars represents the traditional exhibition that celebrates the history of automotive culture: not only from the first models to the more recent ones - which have become a symbol of entire generations - but also from luxury to sportiness.
In the Veronese salon, in fact, the models of the most important technical, stylistic and sporting innovations will be exhibited.

Born from the collaboration between Verona Legend Cars Intermeeting and Luca Gastaldi, journalist and historical motor expert, the Veronese festival receives great success every year as it is able to offer a careful overview of the extraordinary heritage of the automotive sector.

The great Veronese festival will not miss - in fact - market leaders such as Mercedes, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Citroen and Italian and international collectors, who will even be able to enter the salon aboard their cars.
The event will also feature brand Clubs and historical registers that, for the occasion, will be able to celebrate some important recurrences such as - for example - the 50 years of the Fiat 128 and the Ford Capri.

At Verona Legend Cars there will also be space for large and small works of art, workshop memorabilia that serve as real pieces of furniture and specialized clothing.
The famous brand FH Grandprix Originals for example will present its icons Steve McQueen, GULF and HEUER and inside its stand will produce high quality men's shoes, made hand made to measure.
Moreover, the enthusiasts who will take part in the great Verona event will have the chance to find spare parts that are difficult to find on the market and attend meetings organized directly at Veronafiere.

On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May - from 9am to 7pm - at the Verona Fair, all motor racing enthusiasts will meet.
By visiting the official website of Verona Legend Cars, you can discover the whole program and the news of the show dedicated to vintage cars: an unmissable event dedicated to the automotive heritage.

The apartments for short-term rentals

If you are looking for a cozy apartment to enjoy Verona Legend Cars 2019, the Verona Easy Apartments for rent are ready to welcome you.

You can choose between one of the two very comfortable two-room apartments for short-term rentals located in Via Timavo or the eclectic Verona Easy Loft apartment, in Via Trezza: each of these splendid apartments for rent, right in the center of Verona, has a double bedroom, an equipped kitchen, a newly built terrace and a bathroom with washing machine and - in addition - many comforts such as, for example, television, air conditioning and wi-fi connection.

You can check the availability of Verona Easy Apartments and book a weekend in Verona to experience the exciting event of Verona Legend Cars 2019.

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